Did you know?
  • It is FREE to become a client (Seniors 60+ or adults with Physical Disabilities 18 +) Don’t wait until its too late.
  • The Apsley Office provides the following Services in your Community:
  • Friendly Visiting
  • Telephone Reassurance Calls
  • Personal Distress Alarms
  • Exercise and Falls Prevention Program
  • Frozen Meals On Wheels
  • New To You Store- We accept and sell donated clothing for women, children andmen as well as knick knack items and small household items
  • Brokered Worker Program- House Cleaning and Yard Work
  • Walking and Social Tea (NKCC on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays at 9am-10:45am)
  • We are a Non for profit organization, funded only 60% by the Government of Ontario and the remainder 40% we must fundraise. The #1 way we fund-raise is through our New To You Sales.
  • We are looking for Volunteers for all of our programs
  • We are looking for Brokered Workers for our Home Help and Home Maintenance Programs which is a paid position. I.e. light housekeeping, meal preparation, and General yard work/clean up, painting and general odd jobs for clients.
If interested in becoming a Client or a Volunteer/ Brokered Worker please drop by the office located at 168 Burleigh Street Apsley. We are located beside the Pharmacy in the Heart of Apsley or by calling the office to book an appointment with Amanda Smith at 705 656-4589

History of the Village of Apsley – 1936

About the year 1885, as we can remember the village, there were two hotels, one kept by Thomas Prat who was a bit lame and who had a pretty little wife, but no family. The other by McIlmoyl Brothers. There were also two stores. One was kept by T. G. Eastland and the other by Ratcliff and Son. Our earliest recollection of a stage driver was Hughie Sutherland, who came from Peterborough on Monday, returning on Tuesday and so on through the week, making 3 mails per week. The old house built up on Mr. McColl’s property (Mill Lake Road) was built by an Englishman by the name of Vizzard. It was the first house in this locality. He also named our village “Apsley” after his hometown in England. There was a grist mill on the same property owned by James Golborne who ground our flour by stone process, which was more healthy than the present process.
Duncan Anderson then “Crown Land Agent” built near the village, now known as the United Church Manse (United Church parking lot), which was once considered a beautiful home. The Andersons owned a black horse named Jack, which always won the races at our fall fairs. The race track being from the bottom of the church hill to Brown’s corner, back and forth as many times as required to make a mile. At our fair the stock was tied to the fence inside the town hall yard. The other exhibits were inside the town hall. We venture to say there
was more grain exhibited in one year than there would be now in 10 years. Just inside the gate there was a tent and a man inside taking pictures. There were family groups taken as well as other styles. Some of us are proud possessors of those heirlooms today.
The first cheese factory was built in the village by William Wilson, which was a great help to the farmers of the surrounding country.
Then we had good picnics which we drove to with our teams and wagons. We were just as happy sitting on a board across the box as we are today sitting in the front seat of a “Limousine”.
In 1917 there were fifty two inhabitants of the village, two hotels, three stores, two churches, one blacksmith shop, a Post office, ten dwelling houses, town hall (Presently the Royal Bank. The hall burned March 31, Good Friday 1961) and orange hall (presently the Apsley Pharmacy). Today there are four stores, two hotels, two barber shops, two garages, one butcher shop, two churches, a parish hall, one town hall, an orange hall, one forestry hall, a Red Cross outpost, two saw mills, a new school, three service stations, agricultural buildings, thirty three dwellings. The streets are lighted by

Welcome to Apsley Backroads!

Apsley Ontario’s Newest Local Newspaper

We are just in development at this time, so please bare with us as we add content.


September 2015
7916062172_1fbe2cc96dI would like to introduce a fresh new monthly publication. The first edition will be published and available November 1, 2015. This is truly a local paper, owned and edited by a local person, myself, Jude Lean. I am striving for an upbeat and positive publication with interesting stories and articles. Local current events and community happenings are important and will be posted regularly. You are invited to join in on these exciting monthly publications with your advertising and/or articles. I have attached a rate card and of course there is no charge for submitting stories and informative articles with a positive outlook. The new website is in the works, along with a Facebook page and Twitter account. The website will feature many great photos and things to see and do locally.
Currently, Apsley Backroads will be distributed via Canada Post throughout Apsley and area, Coe Hill and Woodview. Other areas will be added in January 2016.
Please feel free to contact me directly at 705-760-2983 or
or drop by the house at 195 McFadden Road.