By Karen Kleinwort

Happy Thanksgiving!
This is the season of gratitude – finding a reason to be grateful is as close as feeling your heart beat.
The attitude of gratitude is not something we simply focus on during the holiday season; it is an attitude for us to carry throughout the year. Shifting our focus to become grateful for the simple things in life can allow us to find gratitude during our darkest days.
In the past months we’ve touched on how to raise our emotions, living in the present, and getting ourselves out of negative thinking patterns. One of the themes in any Living Healthy approach is recognizing what is right in front of us, acknowledging it and moving forward. The energy of gratitude is what underlies everything we think, feel and do. If we are able to start with gratitude, then the decisions and actions are much easier to make and take.
An example is walking out your front door on the way to work and seeing your car has a flat tire. In the present moment you may not feel very grateful as anger, frustration and annoyance are very present in your thinking. Your first goal is to feel those emotions, allow them to be acknowledged. Once you do this, then you have the freedom to feel grateful.
Feeling grateful for what you might ask? Well, grateful you actually noticed the flat in the first place. What do you think would have happened had you not noticed it? You wouldn’t be still at home where you could quickly change into clean clothes; or possibly have the help of one of your family members; or have access to the right tools to complete the tire change quicker than if you were on the side of the road. When you are able to feel your initial emotion first and quickly recognize one small element you can be grateful for; then your experience will be something completely different than had you stayed in your feelings of anger or annoyance. Trust that no matter the situation, there will always something for you to be grateful for. Your job is to be open to seeing and feeling it.
This month as we celebrate Thanksgiving, give yourself the opportunity to establish a new habit. I challenge you to do the following: before putting your feet on the floor in the morning – place your hand over your heart, feel it beating, smile (yes, really put a smile on your face) and allow the feeling of gratitude to flow through you.
You’ll be amazed at how your life will change with this powerful new habit and we’d love to hear about those changes; please share them with us on our FaceBook page (
Till next time, be sure to be Living Healthy, living presently and loving without limits.