Fire Chief Jesse Lambe

The North Kawartha Emergency Services is a department of the municipality that provides fire and emergency protection services to the Township. The uniqueness of the area requires our department to provide a dynamic service to meet the needs of the local and seasonal residents. The NKFD responds to a variety of calls from minor medical emergencies to major catastrophes. We also respond to emergency calls in the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park, which include search and rescues, ice and water rescues, and various medical emergencies. We provide educational services (public education seminars), attend local regattas and cottage association AGM’s, and work closely with other organizations within the municipality. We also work closely with other fire and emergency services and agencies in the county.
Due to the geographical area that the Township of North Kawartha is located in, our emergency service personnel must be trained to respond to a variety of emergency situations. Each member receives training in fire rescue, wild land forest firefighting, ice and water rescue, auto extrication, search and rescue, and medical response (just to name a few). Emergency service personnel are required to attend bi-weekly training sessions as well as participate in initiatives of their own (e.g. complementary training such as driver training, pump operations, SCBA drills, boat operations, familiarization of local lakes and waterways). As you can see, being a member of the NKFD requires a lot of commitment and effort on behalf of the emergency services personnel. These individuals are dedicated to serving the community and make many personal and family sacrifices to do so. As an organization, we appreciate these sacrifices to keep our community safe.