I can’t believe how fast the months roll around. It seems like just yesterday I was writing my last article and here we are again. I would also like to remind people to continue to write their letters of support for our school, it is important for the Board of Education to know our views during the whole decision period.
For anyone that may not know us, my family lives on the corner of The South Road and this used to be one of the original school houses to the area. I believe it was a school house in 1918.
Of course there has been many changes to the property since then but this school house has become a comfort zone for my husbands family and now ours for many years since his parents passing.
Over the years we have had many passer bys stop and ask if they could take pictures to show their grandparents whom were now in nursing homes, how much a piece of their history had changed.
When doing the electrical update my husband stumbled across school documents in the attic, very old but still in tact. It was interesting to see some of the names on the attendance sheet. One of which was very near and dear to our heart named Elgin Landon. When I spoke to Elgin about these documents a huge smile appeared and a sparkle in his eye as he reminisced about his childhood. He then asked if we would have a copy made for his keeping, and we did. He was our neighbour many years before his passing. We loved to take a walk and go visit him and his wife Phyllis. He always had a huge smile, a hug and a funny story or two to tell. He passed on a few years ago, I am guessing approximately seven and with Phyllis’ failing health their house is now up for sale. It saddens me to think that time passes by so quickly and our long time neighbours are becoming memories. Perhaps the great thing about memories is the fact that nobody can take them away. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, make sure to enjoy your family and friends and I encourage you to make memories, take pictures and enjoy!
Until Next Time, Councillor Kruger

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