trick2October is one of my favourite months! The colours start to change, the turkey dinners get prepared, and the young and young at heart get dressed up and explore their community trick or treating. The excitement of Halloween truly adds to the energy of this season, and comes with its own safety concerns. I know that much of this is common knowledge but I have found that a reminder is the best remedy for complacency.
The time to start thinking about a safe Halloween is now. In preparation for the night consider how well your child will be seen in the dark and in the throng of children darting house to house. As cool as that full Frankenstein mask is consider how much it restricts the vision of the user, many masks are difficult to see through. The other side of this equation is the responsibility of drivers to exercise increased caution and diligence on Halloween night.
The old adage that there is safety in numbers is particularly true during Halloween. Large groups trick or treating together increases the ability of its members to keep an eye on each other, and the group’s surroundings. I always found that a larger group added to the fun of the night and allowed me to relax a little.
The homemade treats of my childhood seem to be getting less frequent, which is a totally other topic all on its own. This does not mean that the packaged snacks in your treat bag are all safe. Please take a moment to inspect the fruits of your night prior to eating them, and discard anything which is suspicious.
With an ounce of prevention I am certain we can make this Halloween safe and enjoyable for everyone.