by Cliff Couch

artOn Friday September 16th I spent the day getting re-acquainted with a friend from my teenage years by the name of Michael Burtch. His father was the minister at Trinity United Church then. Michael is a sculptor, a musician, an art historian and still a nice guy. He also co-produced and starred in a movie called “Painted Land, In Search of the Group of Seven”. You probably saw posters advertising it around town. Our day ended at the North Kawartha Community Centre where Michael introducing the movie. About 70 people attended the showing of the film and I must say it was really good. I don’t say that because Mike is a friend, I really enjoyed it. He also took questions after the showing. The photography was spectacular. It has been on TVO and the CBC Documentary Channel has purchased the rights so it will also be shown there. If you get a chance to catch it on either channel. I highly recommend you watch it. It was nice to find out that Mike first became interested in the arts while he was living in Apsley. It was a great day all round and I am really glad I got to catch up with Mike. I look forward to the many other projects he has on the go.
A big thank you must go out to the North Kawartha Public Library for hosting this event and to Debbie Hall for securing the venue and putting out all the advertising.